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Hello, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the GC Driving website!

GC Driving are an expert learner driving school with driving lessons at affordable pay as you go lessons or bundle package deal lessons saving you more money. We teach students mainly in the northern Gold Coast as south as Carrara. If you’re looking for either professional automatic or manual driving lessons we provide both types in our late model vehicle’s with standard Driving School safety measures
for safer, easier learning with maximum confidence boosters towards passing your Southport Driving Test and foward with driving skills for life.

GC Driving use a 3 stage learning system designed to help you learner drivers drive in maximum safety with confidence in minimal time! Our Runaway Bay driving lessons cover all the crucial elements for your driving with maximum safety while learning driving maneuvers for passing your driver test like reverse parking, hill starts with absolute confidence.

We will keep a close eye on your driving skills and when we think its time to try get you on the road for real we will let you know that you are ready to do your drivers test. Until that day we will take you under our wing and help you from the beginning with our 3 three step learner driver stages helping you gather confidence as a licensed driver in the minimum time.

  • Step 1: Only the basics, driver controls (Steering, applying brake, Accelarating, clutch, signaling, mirrors etc)
  • Step 2: Light traffic with observing traffiic, pedestrians and giving way (light traffic on back streets mainly)
  • Step 3: Busy driving on multi laned highways and traffic intersections and optional night time driving (Busy Gold Coast Highways and Intersections)

For your Runaway Bay Driving Lessons we use 2015 model Suzuki Swifts hatch backs with special modifications for learner driver safety with standard Driving School vehicle safety measures to help you gain the most out of your time driving with confidence that we have your back in case there is a foreseeable danger.

Suzuki hatch backs are the driving school industry prefered Learner friendly vehical for most learner drivers s they are used by many of the top driving schools because of the ease to control and light handling and maneuverability.

GC Driving is an Fully Accredited Gold Coast Driving School which also means we can to book your Gold Coast Driving Test at a sooner date than if done by yourself.

On top of this we are able to provide very competitive driving lessons deals & packages at special package prices.

GC Driving can help learner drivers learn everything in the shortest amount of time possible meaning you will be taking your driving test in much more confidence compared to learning without us. At the end of every driving lesson we give you reminders and pointers on paper reminding you where you need to focus on for smoother driving skills and a more positive driving test result.

Many times our GC Driving learner driver’s have passed their driving test on the first attempt, read our Google reviews for more info.

On the day of Driving lesson we will pick you up at your location and begin the Runaway Bay Driving Lessons from right there and on lesson end we take you back to your location and give you a rundown on how you went today.

Similar to driving lessons on Driving Test day we will take you for a 45 minute practice run before the scheduled driving test appointment time so you can practice the maneuvers to help you stay confident with advice fresh in your mind. We’ll drive to the Southport Driving Test center 10 minutes prior to the appointment. Optionally you can hire our vehicle for the drivers test and when you’re finished we will take you back to your place.

If you have questions or to book your Runaway Bay Driving Lessons do not hesitate to contact us using form or telephone James on 0432 335 673 to answer questions and book your driving lesson for a time that suits us both.

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