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Steps to pass your driving test

We are with you every step of the way! from taking a practice test on the day, to giving you confidence and calming your nerves! We are an accredited driver-training provider – we can book your test for you!.

getting your learners license

See how we can help you all the way from getting your learner license to passing your driving test and becoming a confident safe member of the Gold Coast learner license, driving community.

Affordable GC Driving lessons

Secure a booking for affordable Gold Coast driving lesson with our fully accredited driving instructor help. Also we have a Simple, streamline and secure process with multiple payment options available should you choose to do driving lessons with us.



Welcome to GC Driving a family owned & operated Gold Coast driving school based in Arundel. GC Driving is a great value for money, professionally run driving school with tailored structured driving lessons designed to help you get the most out of your time learning to drive on Gold Coast’s busy roads.

At GC Driving our vehicle’s are only used for driver training and are fitted with the latest driver training aids so we can teach you in the very best environment to help you learn to drive with confidence and safety saving you time, effort and peace of mind.

All GC Driving vehicle’s are fully insured and our calm, patient driving instructor is fully accredited and licensed to teach learner driver’s how to drive with care, caution and confidence.

We started our Business in July 2015 and since then we have helped many young learner drivers pass their driver’s test and many of them on the first attempt.


Looking For A Driving School? Call Us: 0432 335 673

We are not one’s to brag about it but we enjoy truly helping our learner driver’s everything they need to know for safe driving into the future.


Some Benefit’s you will have learning to drive with GC Driving are:

  1.  We have the latest Modern vehicles and safety provisions installed to help us keep you safe
  2.  We are very patient and understand what it’s like behind the drivers wheel of a vehicle for first time and that learner driver’s need to be alerted about dangers they may not notice otherwise.
  3.  We’ll guide you from the very beginning to passing your drivers license with confidence.
  4.  You’ll learn to respect the the road rules and the little things some drivers take for granted.
  5.  We are an affordable Gold Coast driving school with fair prices and packages to help you save in the long term.


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Also GC Driving is happy to help you with:


Why Should You Choose GC Driving For Your Learner Driving Lessons?

Our Structured driving lessons help you get the most out of your time learning to drive with us, we have a three stage learning process that helps even the newest learner to gain confidence with driving safely on Gold Coast’s busy roads in shortest amount of time. Here are our Learner driving Lesson Stages below..


Stage 1 driver Learning gold coast

Stage 2 Learning to drive gold coast

Stage 3 advanced driving Lessons gold coast




Affordable Gold Coast Driving Lessons & Packages To Suit Any Budget.

Whether you want to pay as you go by the lesson or buy the 5 or 10 driving lesson bundles that give you discounts in the longer term we will be happy to serve you with professional driving lessons in our late model cars with ease of drive and safety for your priority.



We’re Driving The Learner Preferred Suzuki Swift!


Learn to drive with confidence and safety in our late model Suzuki Swifts.

We offer Manual and Automatic driving lessons in our professionaly fitted out vehicles. Our vehicles are learner driver friendly with brake pedals on the passenger side so we can assist you with emergency braking if needed.

Our vehicles are easy to drive and handle for learning manouvers when first starting to learn to drive. We also use dash camera’s to monitor driving for securiity or legal purposes in the case of an acciident.


Automatic & Manual lerner vehicles



Gold Coast Driving Lesson Prices


At GC Driving we offer you discount driving lesson packages just for purchasing one of our our bulk driving lesson package deals.

We offer 5 and 10 driving lesson packages with bonus driving lesson time to help you get the most for your money and to get the most out of your time learner driving with GC Driving for your driving test preperation needs.

Call us today for more info and to get started on 0432 335 673, we’ll help you choose the right package and get your driving lessons started A.S.A.P.

We also have 90 & 120 minute single driving lesson discounts.


Gold Coast Driving School Prices




Give Your Special Someone a GC Driving Gift Voucher


Call Us To Purchase driving lesson gift Vouchers on 0432 335 673

You may have a special friend or family member that needs a little help to pass their Queensland drivers licence test.

With our Gift voucher option you can give them a very special gift by purchasing professional driving lessons with our GC Driving driving lesson gift vouchers


Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers





Call GC Driving today for a chat and we will make a booking for your driving lesson at a time that suits us both. Call James on 0432 335 673 and we will explain everything breifly and get you confident you have found the right driving school for your driving lesson needs.



Accredited Gold Coast Driving school

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We’re Located in Arundel, Gold Coast

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